“Feeding birds is a great way to do your bit for nature - and to brighten your day too. Nothing beats seeing all those happy birds in your garden. But birds benefit from better food. Just like we do. I teamed up with Haith's, specialists since 1937, back in 2000 and we’ve worked together ever since to improve the standard of bird food on the market.
To my mind Haith’s produce the finest, cleanest bird foods on the market and I’m proud to be associated with them. The work Haith’s do to research their range of bird food diets may make a real difference to threatened species today. I’ve seen how they clean seed and it’s an amazing process to see high-quality, super clean seeds emerge at the end of the process. I hear that some bird food companies don’t even bother to clean their bird foods, shame on them! Waste material may damage a bird’s respiratory system and we shouldn’t take any chances. Clean seed is safer for birds. There’s no doubt about that in my mind. Please help Haith’s to spread the word that clean seeds are best for birds.
There’s also no doubt in my mind that bird feeding is good for the birds and good for us, too. More than 50% of the population enjoy learning, watching and supporting bird life in their own back yard. Would they consider themselves birdwatchers or, dare I say the word, twitchers? Probably not. But together they (you) are playing an important role by feeding Britain’s birds clean, safe bird food from the bird food experts – Haith’s.”
Bill Oddie

David Haith & Bill Oddie – Lincolnshire, 2000

Bill Oddie opening Haith’s factory shop in Cleethorpes, 2002

“I’m always amazed how clean Haith’s bird foods are” – Bill Oddie

Bill Oddie & Haith’s Team at The Rutland Birdfair

The Mayor, his Lady Wife, Rachael Haith & Bill Oddie at the opening of the Haith’s Bird Food Centre, 2008.
Over 100 photo shoots later, we’re pleased to say that our good friend Bill Oddie is still very much a part of Haith’s bird food.
“Birds know what’s good for them, and so do I. Only the best is best for birds and that comes from Haith’s bird foods.” – Bill Oddie.

David Haith & Bill Oddie, 2013, in Bill’s London garden.