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More than half the adult population in the UK are putting out bird food in their gardens for wild birds. Feeding garden birds high-quality bird food helps nature conservation and it's very rewarding for we humans. It's the perfect way to get the kids or grandkids enthusiastic about wildlife. "When it comes to what food to choose,' says Bill Oddie 'birds benefit from better quality, just like we do.' And that's why all of Bill's high-quality foods are clean, fresh and safe for birds.

Attracting lots of different birds to your garden is a really rewarding and exciting thing to do. It’s also a very important thing to do as many species of birds are now very dependent on our help for their survival, and this being the result of modern farming methods, the loss of their natural habitat such as native woodland, and other reasons which are perhaps linked to climate change.

So if you are fairly new to feeding birds then one of the first things to understand is that not all brands of bird feed are of the same quality. Feeding lower quality seeds to birds doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t eat them (though this could well be the case), but it will almost certainly mean that they won’t get anything like the same benefit out of them compared to a high quality, clean and well-balanced bird diet – e.g. for energy, keeping warm for feeding their young.

Cheap and so-called cheerful bird seed mixes can have high levels of dust, debris and extraneous husk in them. If you’re unsure what that means just sink your hand to the bottom of a bag of food and retract it – note the level of dust that remains on your hand. That dust and waste material are potentially disappearing down a bird’s throat. Our seeds are SUPERCLEAN™ as dust is harmful to a bird’s respiratory system and extraneous husk can damage delicate tissues and allow entry to pathogens.

'So start learning about, watching and supporting birds, and please get feeding... they need your help all year round. And don't forget to put some water out too!'

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