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Attracting lots of different wild bird species is easy.

"If you wish to attract the widest possible mix of wild birds to bird feeders it's important to have a range of different types of feeder, housing different wild bird foods. That’s utopia. Try it.

If you're just starting off, however, my advice is to keep it simple; one for peanuts and one tube-type seed feeder will work a treat. Give it a go and let me know how you get on..." - Bill Oddie

Premium quality bird feeders are worth investing in for three main reasons: they’re safe for birds, they’re easy to clean and they last much longer. On that last point the reason why plastic feeders don’t tend to last that long is something to do with a little chap who’s furry and grey and has a long bushy tail. If you haven’t encountered him yet you probably will (especially if you feed peanuts) it’s our friend the Grey Squirrel.

A squirrel’s philosophy is quite simple: eat the peanuts or eat the feeder, whichever comes first! Actually it does get a bit more complex than that as a squirrel will sometimes eat through a plastic feeder, take the peanuts and…bury them. That’s right! He’ll bury them – he won’t even eat them. He’ll cache them for a rainy day. Will he ever find them again? That’s another question. The point here is that a good quality metal feeder will stop our friend the squirrel from burying your Peanuts in the garden and stop your feeder from being eaten.

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