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softfood feeders

“I call them “observer” because their clear nature makes watching the birds easier. I’ve used a Robin Feeder in my garden in excess of ten years and its adjustable dome protects seed and keeps out large birds.” – Bill Oddie.

X1 mini soft food feeder
X1 mini soft food feeder
Robin FeederNew
from £16.95
Robin Feeder
window feeder
from £12.95
window feeder

“Many of my bird foods can be fed without the aid of a bird feeder, with the exception of peanuts and Niger seed which require a bird feeder. In fact, if you really want to attract more birds to your garden you should feed birds on three levels: feeder, bird table and from the ground. However, I’m going to suggest that you always have at least one good feeder in your garden as that’s the best way to attract regular bird visitors.” – Bill Oddie.

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