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suet & mealworms

“Like us, birds enjoy a treat and suet ticks the box because it's high in natural oils and energy. However, feeding suet can be a simple process: No feeder to clean. No waste husk to gather on the ground. Dried mealworms are full of proteins and are easy to feed. Combine the two and you’re laughing.” – Bill Oddie

insect suet pellets
from £4.95
insect suet pellets
live mealworms
from £7.30
live mealworms
small fat balls - super valueNewly Improved
small fat balls - super value
great suet puds (no nets)High In Oils Best For Birds
from £3.25
great suet puds (no nets)
mealworm suet pellets
from £5.49
mealworm suet pellets
mealworm crumble suet feastsNew
mealworm crumble suet feasts
suet trial packNew
from £14.85 was £15.82
suet trial pack
Bill's suet & mealworm bird cakeHigh quality ingredients
Bill's suet & mealworm bird cake
dried mealwormsGreat for smaller birds
from £3.95
dried mealworms

Energy boosting goodness for birds.

“Suet can attract irregular garden visitors and one of the most splendid of these is the Great Spotted Woodpecker. He'll generally visit gardens in search of peanuts but suet would up your chances of attracting one in the first place.

Sprinkling suet pellets on the ground can attract a greater variety of bird species. Blackbirds, Starlings, Robins and thrushes prefer to feed on the ground and pellets are light enough to be airlifted to a safer place whilst they are gobbled up. Pellets can also be piled neatly onto bird tables where they'll attract even more birds.” – Bill Oddie.

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